Pack your application documents and files into single zip archive and access them same as unzipped system files without extracting them.

Shetab Mount Zip Library
is a software tool that mounts zip files for your application just like normal folder at run-time. Your application can perform all read-only operations on files and folder with all components and API or tools that you already use. It is 100% transparent for your application. Shetab Mount Zip Library creates a layer in Windows Kernel mode and doesn't need any driver installation or administrator privilege. Your application will not know that the working folder is zip file.

Zip files are very portable and standard today. Famous products' output such as Microsoft Office Word (DOCX files) and Microsoft Excel (XLSX files) and Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX files) are zip files too, you can rename their file name's extension to zip and extract them. With Shetab Mount Zip Library you don’t need to extract the content of your product, Shetab Mount Zip Library maps zip files and their contents to normal files into your process without extracting them to disk and your application will see them as normal file system and will not know about the existence of zip file.


Shetab Mount Zip Library supports latest standard of zip archive such Zip64, AES encryption, Unicode filenames. Additional it supports IStream, IStorage and Mount system and more. To see all features and supported system click here.


How it works?

This Zip Library creates a user mode layer between your application process and windows kernel IO APIs. Any call to kernel will be redirected and handled at runtime, so your program and of used component in your program process will see inside of zip files and folder as standard file system. See the following diagram:

Case Study

Read following scenario to understand more about what Shetab Mount Zip Library can do for you:

Scenario 1

Your application contains one exe file and many other data files and folders around it. In this case you can simply compress all of your data to zip format and at start of your application call Shetab Mount Zip Library to simulate it as normal files and folders.

Scenario 2

Your software is autorun builder software, it gets images, flash, sound, movie, and html and so on, in this case how will your software generate output? With Shetab Mount Zip Library you can add your generated folder into a zip file at runtime and you can create single exe file of it. With just calling following sequence your application will run normally in single exe file:

Trial Version

We provide Free Trial version for you to test it before order Shetab Mount Zip Library. To get free trial version and sample click here.