Mount Features
Simulate files and folders in zip archive file 100% transparently in application process to look as virtual folder Mounting zip file to normal file system in each process is very complicated work. Many API should simulated and very careful synchronization required in multithread environment. See common Used Components in following: Microsoft Jet database (Microsoft Access Database Engine MDB files) Adobe Flash OCX (SWF file) Microsoft Media Player control with many video and sound codec's Internet Explorer Web Browser component (many files including html, text …)
Only application that mount zip archive can see and access to mapped files Only your application that mount zip file and set correct password, will have access to files and folders in mounted zip archive file.
Mount more than one zip archive file at same time Shetab Mount Zip Library allows you mount more than one zip archive file at the same time.
Files will never be extracted to disk Shetab Mount Zip Library mount system never extracts the files and folders in zip archive to disk such as temp folder. It also never open all file in memory. All requested operation will perform in memory per request.
No driver installation required Usually mounting software requires driver installation, so they require administrative privilege and restart windows in some cases.
One of the great features of Shetab Mount Zip library is that you don't need to install any driver or DLL in user system and also you don't need to restart user's Windows. It makes your products more portable and flexible.
Run in user mode (non-administrator mode) Shetab Mount Zip Library can mount zip file archive in user mode (non-administrator privilege required). So it will not cause any problem with UAC of windows.
Multithread support Shetab Mount Zip Library support Multithread environments. It means you can open many stream in multiple threads.
Advanced Features
Support IStorage and IStream for zip file IStorage and IStream are common COM interfaces for Windows Programmers, Shetab Mount Zip Library implements this interfaces for read-only operation.
Support IZipStorage and IZipStream If you don't want use Mount technique to map the zip archive in your process you can use IZipStorage and IZipStream interface.
IStorage and IStream are common COM interfaces for Windows Programmers, Shetab Mount Zip Library implements this interfaces for read-only operation. IZipStorage and IZipStream are interfaces that derived from COM IStorage and IStream interface.
These interfaces are available in .NET programmers too. If you want to use standard .NET Stream class, you can use Shetab.Packer.ComStream to convert COM IStream or IZipStream to .NET Stream. Shetab.Packer.ComStream derived from .NET Stream class and you can pass IStream or IZipStream reference to its constructor and work with .NET Stream.
With IZipStream and IZipStorage interface you can manage zip archive such as read and write to zip stream, add, remove, and rename file and folder in zip archive. And it also compatible to COM IStorage and IStream interface. For more information see Shetab Mount Zip Library documentation.
Support Seek into zip stream even encrypted stream without losing performance You can seek into zip stream via IStream::Seek or other system IO APIs in windows or .NET.
Note:To seek fast into zip stream it should not compressed and have not old zip encryption. Otherwise it may have very slow performance. In other word file should add to zip archive with zero compression (store mode) and just has AES encryption if you need encryption.
Full Source Code Source Code is available if you order Shetab Mount Zip Library with source code.
Shetab Mount Zip Library created with Microsoft Visual C++ 2012.
Zip Features
Zip64 Support The Zip64 format is an extension to the standard zip format that practically removes limits in sizes and the number of files inside of a zip archive. The Library automatically uses the Zip64 extensions when the regular zip archive limit are exceeded. The ZipArchive Library will not otherwise include the extensions in the archive. The extensions will be removed from the archive when due to modifications they are not needed anymore. The library also automatically detects an archive in the Zip64 format.
Unicode support in zip archives file names compatible with WinZip This feature allows you add file to zip archive with unicode file name compatible to WinZip.
Strong encryption: AES-128, AES-192, AES-256 compatible with WinZip Shetab Mount Zip Library supports AES encryption with key sizes 128-bit, 192-bit and 256-bit. The format of AES encrypted data conforms to the WinZip AES Encryption Specification. It is the preferred way to ensure that your data is secure
  • The zip arcive file can mount just as read-only.
  • Executable files not supported such as DLL or OCX (if DLL loaded via LoadLibrary API it will extracted to user temp folder).
  • Seek to stream would be slow if stream not added to zip with store mode but AES encryption has not effect in seek performance.
Supported Programming Language
  • Visual C++ (Win32, ATL, MFC)
  • Visual Basic 6.0
  • Visual C# .NET
  • Visual Baisc .NET
Supported Systems
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. (All 32-bit & 64-bit).
  • Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012. (All 32-bit & 64-bit).